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Our Outpatient Co-occurring substance use and mental health program serves the culturally diverse recovery and mental health needs of northeastern Connecticut. We target adults and adolescents who are at risk for, or are engaging in, substance use, or who have a mental health disorder. Our purpose is to provide a safe and caring environment to address these issues, and we strongly encourage family participation in the process. Through treatment, the client and their family begin to recognize and understand addiction, mental health disorders, the importance of positive peer support, and how to maintain long term recovery.

Outpatient Services offers group, individual and IOP (Intensive Outpatient) treatment in both Spanish and English. Individuals who take advantage of this level of care are able to remain on the job and live at home while receiving professional services. Each client's specific treatment needs are identified and addressed. Clients develop important relationships during group sessions, relationships that are an integral part of the recovery process as they create a support structure for recovery.

Goals include helping clients to:
- Learn relapse prevention skills and be substance free at the time of discharge
- Obtain stability with mental health issues
- Attain employment during their treatment
- Improve family and community support

Outpatient Services is a licensed, Joint Commission (JC) accredited, substance use and mental health program specifically designed for the unique needs of clients and their families. We provide quality and compassionate care. Outpatient Services provides positive sober peer support groups, community presentations on substance use and co-occurring disorders, and professional staff training on issues of  adult and adolescent co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.

We accept Medicaid and private insurance. Cost for services is assessed on an individual sliding scale basis, taking into account a family's financial situation, family yearly income and family size. Services are not denied due to a client’s inability to pay.

For more information or to make an appointment call 860 450-0151.