Perception Programs helps people who have made some bad choices to make better ones. We recognize the potential for change and growth in everyone. We offer residential and non residential programming.

Brooklyn Bridge
We have an intensive short-term co-occurring substance use and mental health program for Department of Correction (DOC) referred male community justice clients. The program offers educational, treatment, and self-help groups. We encourage clients to adopt independent and responsible life styles that are free of drugs, alcohol, and criminal behavior. Discharge planning includes referrals for on-going treatment.

Next Step Cottage
Our work release and co-occurring substance use and mental health treatment program is designed to help DOC referred women enter the community after incarceration. There is a strong emphasis placed on increasing independence and responsibility. We provide employment support to help the women find and sustain meaningful jobs. Residents participate in individual and group therapy in order to deal with aspects of their lives that led to incarceration, such as substance use, mental health problems, criminal thinking, relationship issues, and past trauma. Next Step Cottage supplements treatment with twelve-step recovery groups designed to provide social and sober support.

Alternative In the Community
AIC is a community-based program which promotes structured support and supervision for community justice clients referred by the courts. In an effort to foster pro-social behavior and to motivate compliance with societal norms, case management, employment assistance, targeted interventions, and community service opportunities are provided to participants so that they can make lifestyle changes. The AIC Program, offers a successful alternative to incarceration. As participants develop healthy behaviors, the risk of repeat criminal behavior has proven to diminish.

ASIST Program
This program provides intensive clinical case management to court referred clients with chronic mental health disorders. Clients learn positive life skills that enable them to remain in their communities.

Drug Intervention Program
Our program is a highly structured twelve to eighteen month program for court ordered clients with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. Clients attend Intensive Outpatient treatment (IOP) to help them develop new coping skills and learn ways to live free of substances. Case management services assist clients with finding and maintaining employment, providing transportation to treatment and ensuring court ordered obligations are fulfilled.

To learn more about our residential and non residential programs please call:

Brooklyn Bridge
860 779-5486

Next Step Cottage
860 450-7250

AIC (Willimantic)
860 450-7125

AIC (Danielson)
860 779-5488

860 450-0151

Drug Intervention Program
860 779-5852

Community Service work crews contribute to projects for area town, state, and non-profit agencies. The community service performed each year has saved local communities and nonprofit agencies thousands of dollars. If you need help with a project please call:

Willimantic - 860 450-7125
Danielson - 860 779-5488