Since 1970, our dedicated staff has ensured accessible, culturally competent, individualized, and cost effective services for our clients and the community. We understand that each person has unique strengths and we help to build upon those strengths. By emphasizing trust, respect, confidentiality, communication, and compassion, we continuously strive to improve the quality of client care, while anticipating changing community needs. We provide group and individual treatment in both Spanish and English. We are a dynamic and responsive agency, committed to you!

We believe that addictions are biological, psychological, social, and behavioral disorders which can adversely affect a person's physical, psychological, economic, spiritual, and social well-being. We also recognize that mental health disorders and criminal behaviors are often closely associated with each other and with substance use. As a result, we offer multiple treatment modalities, using evidenced-based approaches to assist every client in developing cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social resources to live healthy lives.

Our mission is to reduce our clients' at-risk behaviors and to promote their mental and physical health, family and social supports, lawful behavior, employment, educational goals, and overall health and safety. We provide seamless care for every person, from admission to treatment to aftercare. We are accredited by the Joint Commission and ensure that our staff have appropriate certifications and licenses.


Our Board of Directors, representative of the community it serves, works together to maintain the integrity and quality of our programs and services. They proactively assess the needs of our clients and encourage program evaluation. The CEO maintains an awareness of, and adheres to, all pertinent federal, state and local statutes, regulations and codes. Most importantly, they encourage client responses and evaluations so that we can strengthen our program design and planning. View our Board of Directors.

- Kristie Scott, LCSW, CEO
- Denise Keane, LCSW, Associate Director
- Selma N. Ward, MBA, CFO
- Ruth Gordon, MSW, Human Resources Director


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- Advanced Behavioral Health (ABH)
- AIDS Network of Windham
- Community Assistance Network
- CT Non-Profits
- CT Community Providers Association (CCPA)
- Criminal Justice Providers (CJP)
- Juvenile Justice Providers (JJP)
- Eastern Region Services Center (ERSC)
- Northeast Communities Against Substance Abuse (NECASA)
- Ryan White Consortium of Northeastern CT
- The Chamber of Commerce, Inc. [Windham]
- Windham County Reentry Council